India’s is the oldest living civilization in the world. The other contemporary or even later civilizations namely the Mesopotamian Civilization, the Nile River Civilization and the Chinese Civilization have become non-existent, whereas the Indian Civilization is still thriving despite several severe jolts and attacks by foreign invaders. The reason for its continuation is its systems of thought and systems of living. It has got a distinct philosophy which tells us that the fulfillment of life is to attain the supreme bliss and to experience eternal happiness. This philosophy takes life in a very practical way. The systems of thought were developed by our saints by putting tremendous efforts continuously for thousands of years and passing the knowledge on to their disciples by words of mouth. This wisdom is known as Vedant philosophy. It has been codified in our scriptures – Vedas, Upnishads, Darshan Shashtras, Puranas, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Shrimad Bhagwad Gita etc. These scriptures are in Sanskrit which is no more a language of masses and at times it becomes difficult to understand this philosophy. Several learned scholars have interpreted these scriptures in their own way but even then it remains difficult to properly understand and assimilate the tenets propounded in these scriptures.

Recently it is being felt that the values in our society are being eroded mainly due to the western influence which is overloaded with materialistic approach towards life. It is also being felt that our youth is not having any proper opportunity to come in touch with these scriptures. The maximum that we get today is through certain discourses on TV or religious congregations but they fall short of providing proper picture of our ancient wisdom.

Our society – The Society for Adhyatma Studies – is making an endeavour to propagate this ancient wisdom in an easy and understandable manner. We are making people aware of what are the tenets in our scriptures. What is the purpose of life? What centers this wonder filled universe? What is true happiness? How do we attain it? The answers to these and many other such questions lie in that wisdom which we call Brahma Gyan.

We all know man does not live by bread alone. Man has got an inquisitive mind and he is having thirst to know the Ultimate. Our effort is to help in quenching this thirst. Indian philosophy is the best way to do it.